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Product technology

Full Product Portfolio

(1) Subcritical / Supercritical / Ultra-Supercritical utlitiy boiler in Two-pass and Tower (CE, USA & EVT, Germany).

(2) Subcritical / Supercritical CFB Boiler  ( CE, USA & STEIN, France).

(3) HRSG.

(4) Solar Energy Power Generator.

(5) Waste to Energy Boiler.

(6) Coal Mills.

(7) Expertise on wide spectrum of fuels: All ranks of coal, oil, gas, biomass, Municipal Solid Waste etc.

(8) Boilers Retrofit including emission reduction, coal-consumption reduction, efficiency improvement.

(9) Pressure Vessel.

Leading Combustion Technologies

(1) Tangential Firing: Efficient combustion, Symmetric temperature profile.

(2) Fuel flexibility Tilting burner regulates Reheater steam temperature.

(3) Concentric Firing System (CFS): Low slagging potential, Corrosion protection, Low NOx emissions.

(4) Secondary Air at bottom: Efficient combustion, Higher flame filling of the cold ash hopper.

(5) Lignite firing system: Low slagging, Sliding cigarette port design converged high temperature furnace smoke, hot air and cold furnace smoke.

(6) SOFA Technology - Over-fire Air for 2-Pass & Carpet Over-fire air for Tower: Adjust the furnace outlet flame vortex and  Symmetric temperature profile, Decrease flue gas temperature difference between two sides.

  产品技术   产品技术

Design and Manufacture Digital Integrated System  - IGEMS

IGEMS is innovative in the industry worldwide that iGEMS realizes the transition from traditional manufacturing industry to intelligent and digitalized modern manufacturing industry.

(1) iGEMS is a customized expert system.

(2) Shorten delivery time / Reduce production manhour.

(3) Improve cost competitiveness.

(4) Decrease material waste and Improve productivity to reduce cost.

(5) Improve product quality.

(6) Product Standardization and Modularization.